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Following the launch of its generic BIM objects on the NBS National BIM Library, demand for the Single Ply Roofing Association’s (SPRA) generic BIM objects is currently matching those of some of the top manufacturers – an unprecedented level of interest for a trade association.

With well over 5000 downloads to date, SPRA continues to lead the way for other trade associations to follow.

“Our generic roofing BIM objects have been designed to SPRA standards and guidelines and can be switched to a specific SPRA manufacturer member’s products as the project progresses with the comfort that the chosen product is compliant to the industry benchmark. This gives specifiers complete freedom and flexibility of design from the outset, whether it’s for flat or pitched roofs, green roofs or terraces”.

The seven objects are available to download in a range of formats, covering warm roof systems with adhered and mechanically fixed components, green roofs and inverted roofs.

The Government’s commitment to BIM is intended to reduce construction waste and achieve greater efficiency, create a forward-thinking sector and act as an engine for growth; a reflection of SPRA’s own mission to support good design, high quality and continued innovation in roofing through promoting best practice, training and apprenticeships.

“As the primary source of high quality BIM objects in the UK, we’re delighted with the high level of interest we’re seeing in SPRA’s generic BIM objects. This uptake demonstrates why other trade associations should consider creating and uploading their own generic BIM objects,” commented Ian Chapman, Director of NBS National BIM Library.

To view and download the SPRA generic BIM objects, visit or to find out more about SPRA and the benefits of specifying to SPRA guidance.

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