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3M Fall Protection Service Action Notice

3M Fall Protection (formerly Capital Safety) has recently launched two global Stop-Use Service Actions relating to the Evolution LEAP Post used in both its Evolution Horizontal Lifeline Systems and Evolution Free Standing Counterweight Anchors, sold between 2005 and 2015.

We are looking for members to assist in locating sites where these systems are installed, so that 3M authorized installers can conduct the service actions directly with the end-users of these systems.

If, during the course of your daily business, any of your members become aware that a site has or may have any of the systems listed in the notices linked below, please contact our Technical Officer, Gary Walpole, by phone: 07951 835 674 or email.

3M FP Evolution Counterweight Service Action Stop Use Notice
3M FP Evolution Leap Post Service Action Stop Use Notice
Source: NFRC

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