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Homeownerguidecoverv2Introducing the new SPRA Homeowner Guide – an invaluable new resource that as a contractor, you can use to help consumers understand single ply and appreciate the many benefits of this roofing system.

You may often hear that consumers also find it difficult to insure their home due to their Single Ply Roof. So you'll be pleased to know that GGFi has developed a special buildings and contents insurance scheme available for SPRA members' and their approved contractors' customers. They also offer a contents only basis scheme for people living in flats with Single Ply Roofing. Together, SPRA and GGFi are helping to secure consumers homes.

The SPRA Homeowner Guide 2016 can be viewed HERE, or download HERE


Home Insurance especially for homes with a Single Ply Roof element

GGFi Ltd has developed a special buildings and contents insurance scheme, underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds, available for SPRA members' domestic customers.

Cover is also available on a 'Contents only' basis for people living in flats with Single Ply Roofing.

To find out more click here or contact us on 01732 749 559.

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GGFi SP Home Insurance is administered on behalf of GGFi Ltd by Sennocke International Insurance Services Ltd. GGFi Ltd and Sennocke International Insurance Services Ltd are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Use of single ply roofing in the housing sector

Single ply roofing systems are increasingly being used in the housing sector whether in new build or refurbishment. Examples range from contemporary new build low carbon homes which may also include green roof or renewable energy technology.  Single ply roofing systems are also an attractive alternative for refurbishment of old traditional flat roofing materials, and can also be an economic and aesthetic solution to failed lead roofs. As featured previously, the versatility and durability of single ply roofing materials combined with their excellent sustainability credentials, are the reason for the rapid growth of the single ply industry in the housing sector.

You can rely on SPRA members for excellence

The house builder or householder is urged to follow the SPRA guidance documents as listed on this site. As with most building materials offered in the domestic sector, we would urge that you strongly consider using SPRA members for any single ply roofing works. The single ply roofing sector has seen an increase in non-audited materials into the UK for which we cannot provide any support to the homeowner in the event of any issues.

National Federation of Roofing Contractors SPRA works in close co-operation with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors who recognise SPRA as the sole authority for our sector.

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