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Typical Single Ply Roofing Systems

Types of System

There are two types of arrangement of components – ‘warm deck’ and ‘inverted warm deck’. The technical flexibility of single ply means that there are several combinations of system type and method of attachment to suit particular design conditions.

Attachment Options

Type Insulation Single ply membrane Section diagram
Warm deck Mechanically fixed Mechanically fixed  
Adhered Adhered  
Ballasted Ballasted  
Inverted warm deck Ballasted Ballasted  
Green roof Depends on design Ballasted  

SPRA does not recommend the use of ‘cold deck’ roofs (where the insulation is placed below the deck) because they require ventilation and it is difficult to control condensation.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

SPRA has developed seven generic system objects for the National BIM library. These objects allow the designer to apply a single ply roofing system to their project at an early stage (in all leading software options) before later selecting product suppliers. See SPRA Product evaluation checklist for guidance of selection of membrane products.

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