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Why Specify Single Ply?

UK designers and specifiers have been using single ply roofing systems in new construction and refurbishment for over forty years. This technology offers a huge range of geometric and performance options. Specify SPRA to get to the most competent providers in the industry.

Single ply membranes can be used in many ways. Here are some of the reasons you might choose to use them.

why-specify-single-ply1 why-specify-single-ply2 
  • Rapid construction allowing early interior fit-out
  • Low capital cost and cost-in-use
  • Safe, flame-free construction using hot-air welding, adhesives and fasteners
  • High thermal performance using lightweight, thermally efficient rigid insulation
  • Cold bridging eliminated by use of thermal break fasteners
  • Effective control of air leakage to meet new energy efficiency regulations
  • Minimum roof zone depth to maximise design freedom
  • Easy repair, modification and refurbishment
  • Simple detailing to suit all situations
  • Interfaces to other construction elements
  • Various colour options with matching profiles for eaves, verges and parapets


Over 60% of UK construction is refurbishment and it is challenging, given the demands of carbon reduction, IT integration and safety considerations. Single ply is available in three methods of attachment and two system options, with the added bonus of compatibility with green roof systems. SPRA members have the experience to offer durable, low carbon yet attractive solutions. No use of hot materials or disruptive plant means work can often be done during continuous occupation of the building.


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