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Basic Competency Programme (BCP)

The Basic Competency Programme can start you on the road to achievement of a Level 2 Single Ply NVQ. Although not a qualification in its own right, Manufacturer BCPs have been approved by SPRA and achievement of the course shows that a trainee has covered some elements of the full NVQ for Single Ply.

BCP achievement also allows the trainee access to a special red, three year Experienced Worker CSCS Card and is seen as a gateway to achieving the Level 2 Single Ply NVQ either by Onsite Assessment and Training (OSAT) , a SPRA Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) or SPRA Specialist Upskilling Programme (SUP)

What CSCS Card can I access?

Successful completion of a BCP allow access to a special Red Experienced Worker CSCS Card which is valid for 3 years (unlike the normal Red Experience Worker card which is only valid for one year).

Which SPRA Manufacturers are approved to offer the BCP?

  • Axter Ltd
  • Bauder Ltd
  • CCM Europe
  • Danosa
  • ICB (Waterproofing) Ltd
  • Icopal Ltd
  • IKO Polymeric
  • Protan (UK) Ltd
  • SIG Design & Technology Ltd
  • SIKA Sarnafil
  • SIKA Trocal

How long have I got to achieve the Level 2 Single Ply NVQ?

The BCP trainee is expected to achieve the full Level 2 NVQ within three years of successfully completing the BCP training course. Achievement of the full Level 2 Single Ply NVQ will allow the trainee to access the blue CSCS Skilled Worker Card. IMPORTANT - The trainee will not be able to renew the Red Experienced Worker Card if they fail to achieve the Level 2 within three years.

Routes to achieving a Level 2 Single Ply NVQ 

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