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Level 2 Single Ply

There are three routes to achieving a full NVQ in Single Ply and the route most suitable to you will depend on your current level of knowledge and experience. Watch this helpful video training video

SPRA training programmes take place in the West Midlands and South Wales, although where a minimum number of 8 trainees are located in one place, training can be provided locally. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your training needs or book onto a course programme.




coversSAPSpecialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP)

The SAP is a two year apprenticeship scheme. It has been designed to be delivered in modules by a combination of formal instruction off-job at a dedicated facility, additional training with an accredited SPRA manufacturer member of
choice, and on site where the final end assessment of the skills and knowledge gained will be carried out.  Download the SAP brochure HERE.





coversSUPSpecialist Upskilling Programme (SUP)

The SUP programme is considered ideal for those with more experience of the sector, but who may require some upskilling. The SUP runs for 12months from first registration and within that time, all training sessions must be completed and the qualification achieved. The minimum number of training days must be no less than five and no more than thirteen to suit the needs of the employer/learner.  Download the SUP brochure HERE.





coversNVQOn Site Assessment and Training (OSAT)

Many Single Ply installers are highly skilled, but have no formal qualifications to prove it. The OSAT route can enable experienced workers to gain a Vocational Qualification whilst carrying out their daily work. There are no courses to attend; an experienced qualified SPRA accredited assessor will visit you in the workplace and assess your skills and provide training towards the qualification. Download the OSAT brochure HERE.




What CSCS card can I access with a Level 2 Single Ply NVQ?

blue skilled worker cardAchievement of this qualification will allow the trainee to access a blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.


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